Lubricant Technology Leadership

Sullair has always maintained that lubricants are the lifeblood of its compressors. Inspired by this challenge, we’ve earned a position of leadership in fluid technology by spearheading the development of lubricants that extend service life, improve economics and maximize equipment performance.

Sullair lubricants include:

  • Sullube®
  • 24KT®
  • PristineFG
  • SRF 1/4000®
  • SRF II/8000®

To learn more about the lubricants Sullair offers, contact your local Sullair distributor.

Sullube Product

Why Sullube?

  • Protects and Cleans Icon

    Protects and Cleans

    Varnish is the leading cause of air end failure. Sullube dissolves existing varnish and sludge buildup, helping keep your compressor clean and protected.

  • Controls Operating Temperatures Icon

    Controls Operating Temperatures

    High compressor operating temperatures affect the fluid life and can cause costly shutdowns. Sullube has a high thermal conductivity that stabilizes operating temperature in any climate.

  • Protects and Cleans Icon

    Reduces Fluid Loss

    Less top-off is necessary. With one of the lowest carryover rates in the market, Sullube is a quality cost-saving solution.   

  • Protects and Cleans Icon

    Environmentally Friendly

    Sullube generates environmentally safe biodegradable condensate for easy disposal.

  • Protects and Cleans Icon

    Optimal Viscosity

    Sullube’s viscosity index allows it to operate efficiently while it protects your compressor’s air end, even in temperatures up to 200°F.

  • High Flash Point Icon

    High Flash Point (505°F, 263°C)

    Sullube® optimizes factory safety with one of the industry’s highest flash points.

Sullube Infographic

The Fluid All Figured Out

  • 10,000 hours of life - the most in the industry
  • Backed by 2 industry leaders - Sullair and The Dow Chemical Company
  • Used in over 50,000 compressors around the globe, providing more than 150,000,000 hours of superior compressor performance
  • 30-year track record of minimizing compressor downtime and extending equipment service life

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